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Today was one of those days where I just wanted something comfy; two hours of utterly boring media stuff with a 9am start is a day which I can’t bare. I went for my trusty blue/purple(?) topshop jumper with an also trusty dog tooth dress which is now so old it should not be allowed out of the house. Knowing that I was also going to sit in the library wishing to die for two hours today I definitely needed some sparkly-cheering-up things which consisted of my Pandora and my newish Accessorize necklace and Virtue rings. Have to admit that I really have fallen in love with these rings now (I was never a ring person before now) – defo glad I made Ant think it was his, original idea to buy them for me for my birthday!

Not all things today were miserable however, I did have a delightful mooch around town with Ant looking for some “cool” new tshirts for him 🙂