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Happy Leap Year!

Today I thought I’d sacrifice some cool points in order to confess my love for Basil Brush via t-shirt. I wanted to rock double denim today, which I think can work as long as the multiple denims are of different colours, but the pull of the miniskirt was too strong!

I love denim shirts and firmly believe that everyone should have one. Mine is from H&M, but you can find them pretty much anywhere. The skirt is Primark (shhh), my bag is from New Look (£22), and my coat was a very hefty £80 from M&S, but has served me brilliantly for years. My boots are pretty much invaluable to me as they go with everything, and I stumbled across them in some obscure German shop (whose name I cannot for the life of me remember) for £12. Bargain. (For some reason, the boots are uber-blurry in these photos. I have no idea why. Maybe my room is blurry below knee-level…?)

My t-shirt was the main reason for this post, and I got it from possibly my biggest shop-crush in the world, TruffleShuffle, and in fact, you can find the exact t-shirt here. Go. Now. They even put sweets in the parcel.

Apologies for the gangster face. Everyone has one. This is mine.