Winter in Woolly Leggings


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Long time no see! Everyone’s been massively busy with coursework recently (yay for 3rd year!) but I’m currently having a few hours of down-time after my postmodernism exam this morning (joy of joys!) and thought I’d post on here for the first time in approximately five billion years. I’m not wearing anything very exciting, but I adore these leggings and wear them all the time, despite the fact that virtually everyone I know seems to hate them.

These New Look leggings are my new babies; they’re all woolly and soft on the inside so they’re ridiculously warm, and I nearly always choose them over jeans nowadays. Also, they’re really versatile; you can dress them up and wear them to the pub, or chuck on a hoody and wear them to a lecture. I’ve paired them with the trusty cat jumper, which, considering I’m twenty, I really wear much too much…

I would usually wear a top with a collar underneath this jumper so that the collar could poke out over the top, but, being a student, all my tops like that are in the wash. #studentpains

I’m going out tonight with the Creative Writers and I’m planning on wearing my H&M bird print skirt; this skirt is incredible as it sucks you in at the middle and makes you look tres feminine. The only unfortunate feature that it has is that I find it goes with virtually nothing! Beyond a black top, I can’t find anything that suits this skirt, which obviously limits the amount of times you fancy wearing it… Le poo.


Dachshund Dress

Hello! Portsmouth is pretty grim today and I’ve been on my own all weekend (bf is on a field trip to BARCELONA, no fair!) so I spent the morning moping around and then decided to put on a cute dress and my new shoes to make myself feel better! I had a two hour lecture this afternoon and decided to wear this Primark bargain which I had to get because I LOVE dachshunds (plus I have one) and when I first saw it in Birmingham there were none in my size so I was super happy when I found one in Liverpool a last month!

This dress is just what you expect from Primark; my only complaint is that there are no belt loops but it doesn’t come with a belt so that’s fair enough. There is also a top version which is nice too but I preferred the dress. (Belt is from H&M)

Today I also received this Chelsea Girl Dress from River Island and I was trying it on so I thought I’d get a photo. I got it in the student sale so it cost me £20 and I wouldn’t say I’m overally impressed with it for that price but I’ll keep it any way because I like it. Reason I say I’m not too impressed is that the material is not how I was expecting it (certainly no better than some things in Primark) but the buttons are nice and the belt is decent compared to some which you get “free” on a dress. It’s also quite tight for a size 8; once you get it on it seems fine but it’s really hard to get on! Couldn’t get my thighs through the waist to step in to it and could hardly get the waist over my bust to put it on over my head. Bit of a dilemma, for a moment I thought I was going to be stuck in it!

Patterned leggings at pub club

Last night I went to book club (aka pub club) with the girls; in other words, we went to the pub with the intention of talking about books and ended up talking about everything but. I agonised for a while over what to wear, and ended up wearing this:

I’ve worn these gold-foil patterned leggings from New Look several times now as they’re perfect for pubbing; they’re dressier than jeans, as comfy as leggings, keep you relatively warm and go with virtually every top I own. Last night I paired them with a simple burgundy button-down top, also from New Look. I had every intention of dressing this outfit up with a blue blazer and my suede New Look wedges, yet I ended up chucking on a baggy jumper and hench boots; my only defence is that the pub is a pretty hefty walk away!

Purple Tights and Turkish Delight


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Today I’m chaining myself to my desk to do some actual work on my dissertation as I’ve been a bit lazy so far! So, I’m not going anywhere and will not be wearing anything of interest but I do have some new shoes to wear in (cue my downstairs neighbor getting annoyed with me clip-clopping around on the laminate floor)!
These are my new smart casual numbers;

Black Double Buckle Court Shoes – H! by Henry Holland
I picked these up in the Debenhams sale as i’m in need of some new black heels (although I’m still going to be wearing my high black wedges for ‘proper’ nights out) and thought these would be perfect for going for drinks/dinner and perhaps occasional day wear if they don’t hurt too much. Also in the picture, my new favourite tights; I had a purple pair last year but not as nice a colour as this. Wonder how many things I can find to wear them with!

Also, I’d like to shout out to my new favourite Models Own polish! I actually bought this last year but kind of forgot about it until the other day, now I love it.

Models Own Turkish Delight (sorry about the messy painting!) – Unfortunately not for sale any more 😦

Burn baby burn, disco inferno


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I’m struck down with fresher’s flu today, so there’s no better way to spend the day than blogging about outfits of a happier time. Last week (i.e. freshers week) I went out once (which is why my current freshers flu is a massive injustice!) wearing this:

I’m afraid there aren’t really any pictures of the full outfit as it’s not that easy to work a camera when you’ve had a few too many, but that night was the night that I finally wore my disco pants from Missguided, which like I said on my last post, are amaze but were a nightmare to get hold of. I’ve also realised that since I bought these they’ve dropped a fiver in price; boo for me, win for you! I paired them with this bargain body from ASOS, which I got for £7.50 using my 25% NUS discount. Finished off with a simple updo (i.e. pulling hair back and pinning the crap out of it) and black ankle boots from New Look, this was possibly one of the cheapest clubbing outfits I’ve ever had… yay for student discount!

You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me


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Today was my first lecture back, I just got home, it was a 4-6pm lecture *cry*
In other, more relevent news, I have a new shirt. This one to be precise. It’s khaki, something called “acid wash” and supposedly denim. It is not denim in my opinion (sure I say this about a lot of things, namely my H&M shorts from a while ago) but it sure is a cute shirt. I like that it has full length sleeves if you unroll them which I was not expecting since my other denim shirt from New Look does not, they’re just meant to be rolled up or something… The shirt only came this afternoon which meant I excitedly threw it on before my lecture with a black skirt and tights and then I genuinely wore some Adidas high tops with this combination, shoot me, or something, seriously.
And oh yeah, the ridiculously high pony tail came in handy today, it was WINDY.

So, here we are…
Shirt: New Look (current), Skirt: H&M (Old) jewellery (not that there is much): all H&M (current). Also, less importantly; Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Gloss in Coral Blush and Rimmel Lycra Pro in Beige Babe.

Ps. I’ve listened to Taylor Swift – We are Never Ever Getting Back Together about 98349587 times in the past week or so. I hope I’m not the only one!

Back to Uni Bling


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I’m finally back at uni after a long summer working in Germany so I can start posting again. For two months I was wearing a large (I didn’t get a choice of size) polo shirt to work every day so I can confirm that no spectacular outfits were going on during my summer, hence the lack of posts.

We haven’t had our student loans yet, down here in Pompey so I’m yet to start shopping for a new winter wardrobe (badly needed this year) but I have managed to bag myself three new rings to add to my growing ring collection.
The first two being two new Virtue stacking rings; I already have four of these which go together really well so I thought I’d go for something different this time with a cute little yellow flower and a purple tear shaped one (find them here). They’re a little smaller than I expected but they look nice and dainty on my fingers (amongst my chipped nails).
Secondly is this little mouse ring which I picked up from my BFF Vintage Laura when I was having lunch with her and picking up a few presents for my friend, just couldn’t resist him!

I’m now off to lust over the new French Connection catalogue and read the two ASOS magazines which I recieved over the summer while I was away 🙂

Hello hot-pants!


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Afternoon! I’m back at uni which means I can start posting on here again as my internet is hideously slow at home. Also, as I got a border collie puppy a couple of months ago (I know! Eeeeeee) I haven’t really been wearing many interesting outfits as she likes to chew/generally destroy things.

Today I’m taking advantage of the sunshine to get my short-shorts out; this stripey pair are from New Look, as is my burgundy collared top. I would have left it there, but this top is notorious for sweat marks (le eww) so I’ve covered it up with a denim-look shirt from H&M. I’ll then chuck my hench boots on when I go out, et voila.

I also thought I’d show off my most recent purchase: bright red, shiny disco pants from Missguided. BOOM:

I can’t wait to wear them as they’re really cool (and SO bad), but I wouldn’t recommend buying from Missguided and both I and a friend have had nightmare experiences; my disco pants were late, faulty (i.e. ripped), customer service was bad and it took them ages to finally send me a new pair, and my friend had a similar experience (in fact, her replacement dress ended up somewhere in Kent… and we’re not from Kent). Damn their pretty clothes and awful service!

Granny secretly loves pleather.


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I’ve had a really manic couple of weeks and that, paired with the fact that it’s not really that convenient to do floordrobe posts when I’m at my parents’ house, means that I haven’t got round to posting on here at all recently. Anyway, considering that today I’m just wearing shorts and a cat jumper (ofc) I thought I’d post up the outfit that I wore for a ‘house-maintaining-the-temperature-party’ (as it’s already been fully warmed considering we’ve lived there for a year) from a couple of weeks ago.

I found my top in Primark a few weeks ago, and at £3 it felt like I was stealing it, but it’s the sort of top that goes with everything (I could even wear this to the gym if I wanted to!) and the friend that I was with at the time liked it so much that she went back the next day to grab one for herself. Cue phoning each other up at 9am to check that we’re not wearing the same thing! My purple and pleather high-waisted shorts are from New Look, and they were the sort of shorts that look much better when you’re wearing them than they do on the hanger. Don’t judge before you try! I originally wanted some disco pants (correction, I still want some disco pants) but I was more than happy to end up with these instead for £19.99. I finished everything off with heeled ankle boots and a slick of eyeliner, et voila! Well, I used a tad more make-up than just a slick of eyeliner, but we’re not supposed to admit to that, are we?

Hello sunshine!


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Afternoon! I’m not really wearing anything particularly exciting today but I thought it was about time I posted something! (Also I think I need a little break from lying outside like a starfish because I’m starting to go a tad pink…)

Today I’m wearing a slouchy black cat top that I bought yesterday from H&M on a bit of a whim; you can find it here for £7.99. It’s a perfect beachy t-shirt as you can easily shove a bikini on underneath it then whip it off when need be, but I reckon it’ll look good with jeans and a baggy knitted cardigan in winter as well. Winning!

I bought these palm tree print shorts from New Look a few months ago when we had a couple of weeks of nice weather and so far I haven’t managed to get a lot of wear out of them, but I’m hoping now that the sun has come back out that I’ll get to wear them a lot more. I couldn’t actually find them on the New Look website to link to them (they might well have run their course in stores now!) but quirky shorts seem to be pretty much everywhere so there’ll be similars all over the place.

Right: I’m going back out into the sunshine with a Carling!